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Finally. A Specialist Dedicated to Systemic Eye Disease.

Uveitis and Retina Eye


Here For Your Eyes

Did you know that diabetes and vascular disease can affect the eyes and lead to blindness? The eyes are the windows to health, and it's never too early to get screened. We are here to help with immediate availability!

Uveitis and Retina Patient San Antonio


Inflammation Of The Eye

We utilize the latest technology and therapeutics to evaluate and comange ocular inflammation and related dryness with area specialists. Dr. Reddy also offers same day appointments to help with emergencies, so you know your patients' eyes are in good hands.

Uveitis & Retina Med San Antonio


Quality Imaging & Monitoring

Complications from Plaquenil are rare, but sight-threatening. We offer spectral domain imaging and visual field testing for all patients on Plaquenil. Our professional team is here to guide our patients every step of the way. Schedule an appointment today for a full evaluation and continued follow-up.

Fax Referrals to (210) 519-3172. Call (210) 780-7595 For Same Day Visits.

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