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Man Doing Blood Test

Diabetic Evaluation

The longer you've had diabetes, the greater your risk of blindness.

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Science Courses

Retinal Dystrophy

We offer genetic testing for many hereditary retinopathies and are committed to further scientific exploration.

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Vitamins and pills

Eye Inflammation

Uveitis (eye inflammation) is a leading cause of blindness in the United States. Get your eyes checked out today!

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Bouncing Light Balls

Flashes & Floaters

Flashing lights and new floaters may be signs of a retina detachment.

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Female blue eye

Glaucoma Evaluation

Glaucoma is optic nerve damage associated with high eye pressures. Does it run in your family?

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Retinal Tears

A retina tear can progress and lead to retinal detachment. Act quickly to prevent vision loss. 

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Eye Exam

Plaquenil Screening

Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) is a commonly prescribed medication that requires retinal screening.

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Senior Men Playing Chess

Macular Degneration

Macular degeneration is more common with age, and some patients may benefit from supplements and screening.

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Pool Tiles

Dry Eyes

Dry eye disease can be due to many factors, including medications, health, and inflammation. 

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